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Thread: what do you think of it so far...rubbish..the AA grumpy column

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    what do you think of it so far...rubbish..the AA grumpy column

    its 5.30 on sunday night and you know what that means.. yes its
    time for another aa grumpy column and the shocking news from morcambe about some one trying to steal eric morcambes statue.

    The figure of the Morecambe and Wise star has been removed from its spot in Morecambe, Lancs, after a man was arrested on suspicion of theft
    A clueless crook tried to steal a life-size bronze statue of comedy legend Eric Morecambe by sawing through the effigy’s leg.
    Stunned locals called police at lunchtime after finding it lying on the floor cut off at the ankle. It was later removed by council workmen.
    The sculpture, in his home town of Morecambe, Lancs, features the comedian in his classic “Bring Me Sunshine” dance pose, with one hand raised and a leg cocked.
    Local resident Jack Holmes said: “It’s devastating, isn’t it? This statue is the town’s pride Another said the attack on the memorial to the local hero was “sacrilege”.
    The statue, unveiled by the Queen and Eric’s widow Joan in 1999, took sculptor Graham Ibbeson six years to complete.

    Mark Cullinan, of Lancaster city council, said: “When we got to the site it was clear someone had sawed through most of Eric’s leg and then left him like that" When we inspected it we knew we couldn’t repair it at the site. We’re removing him in a van and taking him to a safe and secure place.”

    He added: “We will work with Graham Ibbeson to get him back as soon as possible.”
    Last night a 32-year-old man was being quizzed after being arrested on suspicion of attempted theft.
    Eric Morecambe was born in the town of the same name in 1926 and enjoyed a phenomenally successful career as a comedian, actor and singer alongside Ernie Wise He died in 1984, shortly after his 58th birthday, after collapsing on stage with a heart attack.
    The statue was erected as the town's tribute to the star in 1999, when it was unveiled by the Queen.
    Many have took to social media to express their disgust at the alleged crime.
    Sergeant John Bond, of Lancashire Police, said: "We are in the early stages of our investigation and I would urge anyone who may have seen what happened or has any information to get in touch with the police

    Iconic Eric Morecambe statue has leg sawn off during 'botched theft' - Mirror Online
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    theres only one word for it diabolical is nothing sacred these days ?
    just down the road in bolton another lancashire legends statue was attacked that of the great fred dibnah.
    the news have reported the attack as vandalism another of attempted theft
    i think the latter was more likely if they had got away with it the statue would have been melted down for scrap.
    these three legends between them eric, ernie and fred brought many hours of entertainment to our tv screens
    and for someone to try and steal it for scrap for the sake of a couple of hundred quid doesnt bear thinking about.
    whats society come to when even churches and cemeteries are being targeted when some scrote will steal flowers wreathes and even teddy
    bears from childrens graves.
    their not desperate destitute or hungry its just pure unadulterated greed.
    i hope morcambe magistrates make an example of this scum and cart him off to jail i bet that wont bring him sunshine.

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    Re: what do you think of it so far...rubbish..the AA grumpy column

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    I'm afraid It's just another example of crime In base metal.

    Prices for scrap metal, Iron, Copper, Steel etc are Sky high at the moment.

    Even your 30 year old beat up washing machine Is stripped down these days for the base metal and scrappers are thriving.

    We even had a case recently of Bronze plaques being stolen from graves and war memorials just for the scrap value... so no, nothing Is sacred.

    The people who carry out these crimes will even go Into boxes In street to strip them of copper wire for scrap value not giving a toss about an entire town being plunged Into darkness or a town losing Internet connection. Houses getting broken Into, these days also see copper water tanks being plundered along with copper pipes.

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