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Thread: Go Iraq!

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    Re: Go Iraq!

    As an aside, may I mention in passing one of the great anti-war songs, this by Ira Gershwin? Everyone these days seems to think it was a pro-war song (perhaps because the words got chopped around a lot in the 40s - not that people ever listen to words in songs) but, when the Gershwins wrote Strike Up The Band, it went like this...

    We fought in nineteen seventeen
    And drove the tyrant from the scene.
    We're in a bigger, better war for your patriotic pastime.
    We don't know what we're fighting for - but we didn't know the last time!

    So load the cannon, draw the blade,
    Come on and join the Big Parade!
    Let the drums roll out, let the trumpet call, while the people shout, Strike up the band!
    Hear the cymbals ring calling one and all to the martial swing, Strike up the band!

    There is work to be done, to be done, there's a war to be won, to be won, come you son of a son of a gun, take your stand!
    Fall in line, yay Bo', come along, let's go - Hey, Leader, strike up the band.
    Yankee doo doodle-oo doodle-oo, we'll come through, doodle-oo doodle-oo, for the red, white and blue doodle-oo lend a hand.
    With our flag unfurled we can lick the world! - Hey, Leader, strike up the band.

    The irony drips like blood from every word, but recruits have hummed it while going off to every war since it was written. It's an upside-down world we live in.

    I disagree with Philip Furia in the link, by the way - I think the entire piece, every line of it, not just the beginning, was intended to be ironic, and progressively more disquieting as it approaches the end. "With our flag unfurled we can lick the world" stands on a pinnacle of disgust alongside "The morning will come when the world is mine, tomorrow belongs to me".
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    Re: Go Iraq!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spot View Post
    Russia might well be assisting the Syrian government, just to demonstrate annoyance at the US interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine and at the imposition of sanctions against the Russian leadership. Without any tokens to play they'd have little bargaining power to bring these pinprick annoyances to an end. I'm sure the prime strategic short and medium term objective of the Russian government is to stabilize and improve its economy.

    If selling its gas and oil to China instead of Europe brings in a rising GDP then that's one step forward. I would be unsurprised if major mineral exploitation of Siberia and Mongolia by China (as opposed to Western companies) follows. The one thing the Russians won't tolerate is being bankrupted by American interference. Russia badly needs to improve the standard of living of its citizens, and the US is crowding it into a financial corner.
    Well said.

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