hello everyone

some years i was here before , went thu a rough time lost some friends , i was unfair to others that were good enough to be my friend on here . then i just disapeared
ive had a troubled life and still continue to have , why i dont no nothing seems to go right in my life , from friendships relationships jobs it all goes pear shaped everytime

i just want people to like me and have a happy life , that doesnt happen in my real life
i think maybe my ADD effects me I am very down all the time stuggling with work ill never have much , im 50 now no home no money no friends , id love to find a corner in life i can turn and life is better, i came to canada 25 years ago hoping i could find something but that didnt work out as you will no if u live there its not easy for outsiders to get work there
well my woffle over pls PM me if u want to chat maybe things i have said will jog your memory to who i am