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My pre -Raphaelite forbears detested H. Mayhew
You do them a disservice, some of them were entirely sympathetic to Mayhew's aims. I offer Ford Maddox Ford's image of the dignity of the labouring class as an instance.


Mentioning William Morris would be appropriate at this point too, he was an acknowledged leading theorist and practitioner within the group.

Here, for those with short memories, is Mayhew on the subject:

The "pure" gatherer, after he has been his rounds, makes the best of his way to some tanner in Bermondsey, to whom he is in the habit of selling the article. He sells it to the tanner by the stable bucketful, and gets from 8d. to 10d. per bucket for it. It is used for the purpose of cleansing sheep and calf skins after they are taken out of the "lime-pits." A man generally picks up about a bucketful in the course of the day. My informant earned last week 5s. 2d., and the week before about 6s.; and these he believes to be a fair sample of the earnings of the class. He has been at the calling about four years.