The new trend in communities:
Colorado dog owners fined hundreds after not picking up pet poop - The Denver Post

I remember listening to a discussion on this a few years back on Public Radio, in Detroit. It has now arrived.

BROOMFIELD — You take your dog out and pick up the mess it leaves behind, right?

If the answer is no - watch out. Several communities along the Front Range are now using sophisticated testing to police the non-scoopers.

Michael Liddle lives at the Retreat at the Flatirons in Broomfield and was recently fined $100 not once, but twice for apparently not scooping well enough.

"She's a Teacup Chihuahua and she's a runt," he said. "Her droppings are no larger than what geese leave behind."

Liddle says he's diligent about poop-scooping.

"But the grass is really tall," he said. "And especially at nighttime. It'll fall down in between the grass and you can't see it."