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No doubt about it. The democrats appear very lame, but I think there's more to it than just ineptitude on the part of the DNC as well as other democratic players. There are two pieces I've recently read that fit perfectly into this confusing chain of events. There just doesn't seem to be any logical sense to any of this garbage, unless the contents of these two articles are relevant.

First, there's little to no daylight between establishment democrats and Trump, who is as neoliberal as Pelosi/Shummer, it's simply a matter of style. In fact, the entire neoliberal cadre will vote Trump over Sanders. The same might be said for Warren or Gabbard

Then there are the US intelligence agencies, also vastly neoliberal, that want less of a maverick type like Trump and prefer an establishment type like Pence, or better yet, Pelosi as president. I suspect this is why Grandma Nancy hasn't retired and was chosen by elites to be Speaker.


Second, there's this in play that must be influencing lots of behavior.


What this all reveals is that intelligence agencies have way too much power. Donald Trump, quite by accident due to the colossal era made by James Comey during the very beginning of Trump's time in office, when Comey thought he'd put Trump on notice that the intelligence agencies had lots of dirt on him, so he'd better cooperate. Trump, after a time of confusion as to what was happening, decided to go with his instincts and just disrupt the establishment. And, so he did.

Trump is by no means a person of the people, he's an elitist rich guy (or so he pretends to be, perhaps) that is out for only himself. That is proven in so many ways, but no more so than his turning his back on Julian Assange.

While on one hand, I enjoy what I'm seeing in taking on the intelligence apparatus, I am however in horror when I see what this man is doing to this country domestically. Employment is up for the time being, and that's about all most of his supporters care about, but at the cost of so much in the way of civil liberties, environmental concerns, complete disrespect for the office of the presidency, childish name-calling and bullying. There just aren't enough reasons to allow this imbecile to remain as president

I would prefer he was voted out of office, but he broke the law due to his childishness behavior, and he deserves to be impeached. If the Senate doesn't expel him, so be it.
I forgot to mention that both sites I linked to are very progressive.