Religions. Tribal units and a good way to appease our love of drama and war.

But we need something better.

At their roots, religions were created as entertainment for us as well as to appease our tribal need of fellowship, drama and love of war.

We are all politicians, in a sense, and I hope you can use that aspect of your nature to reply here.

Philosophers class religions as one of the creations man has created to entertain himself and a way to appease our tribal instincts. Basically, religions help fill our need of fellowship, drama and love of war.

Given that the more tribes in a community and the more a community is divided, the more conflict will arise. Jihads and holy wars have plagued us forever because of these tribal divisions.

Some will not attribute war to religions, only to those who would use their religions for war, but the connection cannot be denied from a tribal point of view. One seldom starts a war on his own and the fellowship of religions makes war a lot easier to start.

I begin to wonder why we have not invented a better way to appease out tribal natures and love of drama and war. We have tried to use sports, but hooliganism has come from that and thus sports are not that good of a vehicle for us to reduce violence.

What would you suggest for us to invent, and make sacred, ---- to appease out tribal natures, while also appeasing our love of drama and war, --- but without that violent aspect?


P.S. I think we should sacralise morality but would not know how to do so as religions try and fail miserably in this and government seldom use that word. No new religion would be trusted to do so because the mainstream religions are demonstrably immoral.