Its always a nice phone call when your child is excited. Excited with caution.
Its the movie industry and its a long haul getting any movie made or even looked at.
But my youngest who sits in a call centre because its better than a waiting job (and much better pay) and actors need real jobs.
Anyway he's been offered a decent part in a movie. And if that doesnt come through then a series on tv next year.
He sent me a short (basically a pitch) i couldnt finish watching it. Not because its shoddy but because it was really good.
Its a thriller called 'matriarch' .... and as i said to my son its horrible because thats a female nightmare and already happens around the world.
I ll try to put a link up but im going to need help because i keep getting auto corrected. It may work here though because theres no auto correction here.

Basically, i summed it up as being a mixture of wolf creek and silence of the lambs. I hope it gets up for his sake and for the sake of the producer.