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Thread: Let us be honest. Islam's ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Hague a

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    Let us be honest. Islam's ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Hague a

    Let us be honest. Islam�s ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Haigue and U.N. to rule on the free world's first duty to the world. Should we declare war against this immoral ideology?

    Our collective leadership must lead by honor. Honor demands the first duty of all free people be to do their best to ensure that all the people of the world enjoy the same level of freedom that they enjoy. This is irrefutable, in terms of morality.

    Freedom can only be enjoyed in a moral society.

    The Hague and U.N. must rule on the duty of the free world to humanity, and decide if it is better to have all these little wars that disrupt our cities and countries, or declare a real ideological war against the barbaric and non-progressive ideology that the Eastern hordes are trying to force down the Wests throat.

    As usual, religions are trying to grow themselves by the sword. A redirection is in order and quite necessary if peace is to be achieved.

    We, the collective of the free world, must move the war to one of words that judge the ideologies for their moral worth, and seek to live by the best one. That verdict will determine the will of the free world as to which direction we free people wish the world to evolve to; in terms of the limits of freedom and the duty of free people.

    The free world has forgotten that its first duty to the world is to work to have the whole world share in that freedom.

    A war of words tends to kill fewer people than the murderous religious insurgencies we now suffer.

    I think our legislators ought to consider such a strategy.

    Do you?


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    Re: Let us be honest. Islams ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Haig

    No, and,
    "The trouble with people isn't that they don't know, but that they know so much that ain't so." - Will Rogers
    "Truth isn't Truth" - Rudy Giuliani

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    Re: Let us be honest. Islam�s ideolo

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    It has the same poisonous origins as chriarianity - the old testament. Given half a chance christians are every bit as bad as islamists.

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