Well I'll try to make this short.
My husband comes home from 1 week stay in the hospital 11/23/16 - he developed a infection in his "new" knee, they put in a dual port which I had to administer 6 shots a day for 6 weeks.
11/29/16 My Sister goes into the hospital.
11/30/16 Her husband goes into the hospital.
I have trouble with the hubby's daughter with items missing during this 3 day visit. So, I'm running to the hospital - home for the injections- to their house for their needs - OH and to the bank to order new checks because I didn't have anything else to do..! As I was racing so was my heart - Dr. put me on new meds which helped.
Unfortunately my Sister died 12/30/16.
My Sister's Hubby wants & plans to move & live with family - understandable.
The plan "That" daughter is flying in - going to the facility to pick Dad up & bring him home - pack up & fly out. People never stop surprising me. They asked me to have a sale & send the proceeds to him..! really.. I'm the landlord - my house is full and OH, your welcome. He "they" flew out Feb. 1st and I have a lot of work ahead of me..