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States with fewer population feared being bullied by more populous states.

In short to get the original thirteen states to agree all wanted equal representation in the new federal government. The EC was one of the ways.

Rather than give each state an equal number of votes, they wanted to give the people a voice, hence the House of Representatives.
You have to read the Constitution to see how the powers are divided, such as only the House can spend money and the Senate to approve treaties and certain government appointments.

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I been to Townhall type meeting where both my local state level Senator and Representative agree that most of their work isn't about Republican and Democrat, but Rural and Urban interests. Not a level playing field for rural folk.

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I can say that as someone who came here from Los Angeles, CA, definitely urban, but born in rural and family in rural.

I grew up well aware of the insane concept of one man one vote.


A state Constitution, pattered like the Federal is Unconstitutional.
Go figure.
The problems over here have come where the rule has not been one man one vote but if the idea is to equalise the power of the urban vs the rural and the populations are vastly skewed then I guess you have to devalue the urban vote. I can think of better ways to do that though.