I remember when the boys were younger in school there was a push to make them sing the national a.them on a monday morning before class. Not in my entire schooling days did i ever have to do that. Private or public school ..........never did that.

And now im seeing something else disturbing . It seems that we now need to seean entire work resume over the chests of any commissioner, chief or leader/boss of emergency services.
It usef to be a simple uniform with epoleps or a star or two to show rank. Now we need and entire history of the person like they are in navy seal or SAS cerimonial dress. And all theyre doing is reporting on a clean up after a storm or warning us the chance of a fire. Why do you have to be lit up like a christmas tree to do that?
It looks like we're heading down that patriarchial militarised way of seeing things.

Thats never good in society.