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Thread: radio stations and shows

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    Re: radio stations and shows

    SIRIUS/XM radio for me thanks. (satellite radio I believe)
    no commercials, barely any blather. The Dj's when they do talk stick to music topics. Yes it's based out of the USA but again there is no news, or current events. It's music, accompanied by a little music conversation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magentaflame View Post
    In the age of digital radio and internet amd podcasts etc.

    Do you have a radio show or station that you would like to share with the rest of the members here?

    I have one that is iconic in Australia. ABC radio. "Australia all over" with Macca. Ive been listening to this show on a Sunday morning fornearly two decades. I like hearing what people are doing all around Australia and the eorld. Sometimes our soldiers ring inn and say hello or travellers on the high seas. And then those from the cities then those who happen to be on their phone in the outback whilst mustering sheep or cattle.
    In the mid/late 70's I used to listen to BFBS when I was with RAF Gatow in West Berlin. The RAF no longer resides at that address but BFBS is still good for a listen.

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