An apparent new look at policing Victoria. .............Well actually its the old ways coming back.

PLAN 100
More accountability
Tasks are currently and traditionally allocated to crews by vehicle call signs rather than to individual officers. Allocating a task to a specific officer will identify how well officers are performing.
Response time benchmarks
Urgent need to establish benchmarks for standard response times for high-priority jobs.
Ensure non-Australian citizens coming to police notice are also brought to the attention of immigration authorities. The CAA wants to examine and develop legislative change that will allow immigration authorities to intervene in non-capital offences at a time when the offender is arrested.
Super stations
Dispense with the super stations concept and focus again on local stations servicing communities.
Modify role of Local Area Commanders and Station Commanders
Commanders should place random phone calls to victims of crime to assess the performance of individual police officers.
Victims information
Keep victims better informed about how an investigation progresses.
Broken Window Philosophy
Adopt New York-style philosophy. New York City underwent a massive transformation from a crime-ridden city to a clean one in the 1990s, when graffiti and broken windows were regarded as criminal activities.
The CAA advocates for GPS tracking to be installed in new cars to dramatically cut vehicle and other crime.
Task group re-evaluation
Reassess all special task groups and task forces.
Downgrade statistical influence
Downgrade the influence of statistical gathering and tasks by statistics and leave orders to station and unit commanders.
Force reserve unit
Establish a reserve unit for Victoria Police where underperforming officers are transferred.
One up patrols
Investigate the feasibility of patrols with one officer. Will allow more patrols and the impact of having two officers arriving at an incident in two police cars is magnified.
Drug testing
More rigorous random illicit drug testing should be carried out on police officers.
Youth Command
Introduce a Youth Command to deal with the problem of youth crime in Victoria.
Police fleet/ driving
Nudge bars added to police cars to help in pursuits and also to act as a deterrent. Train more police on driving techniques to use in pursuits.
Highway Patrol
To be divided into two — Highway and Metro.
Disqualified drivers
To be arrested and immediately jailed for one month if detected driving while disqualified.

For me it's the confusion of the Government putting on more and more police .....but you don't see any of them on the streets. The lazy barstards need a car just to get lunch. There's no street presence. But the laws we see (or it seems to me to be so ) are making ordinary people into criminals whilst violent people? really bad people are left alone . I'm hearing more and more evidence of police turning their backs on the violent stuff and turning their attention to the easy stuff.
But on top of that theyve made themselves un-approachable....the new military look uniforms are dark and forboding. The constant arming and packing a copper to look like Mr Blobby for fear of being shot is ridiculous. Basically if you need all that protection I'm not standing anywhere near you, nor will I allow a child near you .
Well at least Kelvin Glare wants more police presence on our streets. But if they constantly look like a shooting or archery target it's not going to work.