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I already tried that; been there , done that! The way of man is not in himself. Jer. 10:23. Dig it!
What you mean is that you've been convinced either by yourself or someone else (or both) that unless you remain intensely focused on something that you see as clean and righteous (the way of god) that you'll be distracted into the same behaviors you've done in the past (you've mentioned them before so there's no need to rehash all that).

What you are blinding yourself to is that it is in your hands and it always has been, and, you've decided to do what you're doing. In fact, if you look at all your threads, they are not conversations as much as they are affirmations you practice in order to continue to convince yourself of god so you can remain focused on that. Why? Because you've convinced yourself there are only two options for you and the god option is safe. What you don't appear to understand is that the focus part is an illusion. You're making the choices yourself - all alone, without anyone else's help. You're stronger than you realize.

I don't know where you got all this bs from, but I suspect AA or some other religiously based counseling like that where they preach the 'let go and let god" philosophy.

You can't let god though unless you believe in him, which you really don't, so you constantly convince yourself of god's existence by creating your own version. You know the god everyone else talks about can't be real so you're continually reshaping that god into a version that suits you. There is no god, Mickey, and there never will be no matter how hard you try to create one.

Quit being scared of yourself.