I never bothered to watch this until this year, so I more or less binge-watched. I found the show to be quite entertaining and fun. There's lots of symbolism in this show and that sort of thing always intrigues me. 'Oh, but you're a literalist', you say? Not quite! Only in word meaning, which I think is the best way to interpret most dialogue.

Symbolism serves a dual purpose, that being: 1)what the storytellers intend and 2)how the audience applies their own interpretation of it, and whether or not the two jive. The last part isn't really all that important. How the audience applies their interpretation, as unconscious as it may be, is paramount and what peaks interest by it.

There's no question in my mind that this show is centered around a mythical story highlighting female strength and courage and wisdom and mysticism. Many shows today are. I am the father of four females and so this interests me. My daughters are about as smart and wise as anyone I've ever known. I'd have no problem at all leaving my fate in their hands.

There are many easily decipherable symbols in GoT such as Dragons, which symbolize great power and strength. These are ancient or historical cultural symbols that have acknowledged universal meaning. However, there are lots of other symbols and representations of contemporary significance there.

Does anyone care to share what they see in GoT?

I see, for example, that The Army of the Dead represents religion and Christianity in particular. Agree or disagree?