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I'm sorry, Bryn, to disagree with you, but dogs do have variable intelligence as do human beings. I find that many people do underestimate a dog's intelligence and also the ability to 'work things out'. We have had 5 dogs in our 'married life time' and they have all been different personalities and they have all had different levels of intelligence. Our first dog was trained in just over three weeks, all the basic commands and with hand signals, so that he could follow commands that I gave with my hands and no voice sound. He was not a 'rescue dog' but we chose him from a litter of cross breed pups. All our other dogs have been 'rescue dogs', all mixed breeds except the 8 year old German Shepherd we adopted (his owner had died) - that one turned out to be a super animal and a gentle giant of a dog. He lived into his 16th year, so we were thrilled to be able to give him a 'forever home' for another 8 years !

As I say, don't feel that dogs have a very basic intelligence, because most dogs are brighter than they are given credit for. Over the decades we have found this out, to our absolute delight !

This is a photo of our 'rescue' German Shepherd - it's as if he is saying " I'll let you take the picture, but I've got my eyes on you while I'm in 'guard mode' "
I fully believe that the brightest dogs are very bright indeed but I do think that teaching them to read English would be a step too far - I just don't think their wired that way.