I'm having a news holiday in general and a Brexit one in particular. Was very upset by the Tory conference and since really we still have Remain (just), no deal and bad deal all in play and likely will do until the last minute all I'm doing is making myself even angrier to no purpose. I can do no more to stop Brexit than I have done.

As you know, I think if we Brexit Scotland will leave the UK as a direct consequence. Both the people I know personally who voted for Brexit have changed their minds and now want a 2nd referendum. Fundamentally both were taken in by the Leave campaign: though they didn't believe the great claims that were made for the advantages ad so thought they hadn't been fooled, they were deceived into thinking the disadvantages weren't that serious and didn't realise it. The claims it was all Project Fear worked well for brexiters when of course it is increasing clear that claims about difficulties are in fact simply reality.

Aaand that's enough about Brexit. Been keeping a bit of an eye on Edinburgh in the Pro 14 since a free channel has popped up from apparently nowhere and is showing some of the games. Richard Cockerill is coach and I think most Tigers supporters have an affection for him and wish him well given his years at and commitment to the club. Also he says it as he sees it and that can cause some sputtering, even in Scotland, which is quite fun . The European competition starts this week and Edinburgh are playing Montpellier, coached by Vern Cotter, whose previous job was coaching Scotland and who are among the favourites for the title. Cockers has taken the pressure completely off his players and we'll see how they go.