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Thread: Disease?

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    Re: Disease?

    4part: In case it isn't apparent enough in my last post I really do sympathise with your situation. Sharing it has completely overridden any negative feelings I had over other issues.

    And yeah, that reaction might be affected by BPD. shrug. I'll take it.
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    Re: Disease?

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    The success rate of 12 step programs is an abysmal 5%-8%.

    There is a method called Sinclair which includes a prescription for opioid blockers for the brain that has a success rate of between 75%-80%.

    Yet the courts and hospitals as well as most individuals still recommend and use 12 step programs. They continue to believe that surrendering to a non-existent God (or other "higher power") is a better remedy for addiction than a scientific one.

    For anyone who might be interested in knowing more about the Sinclair method:
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