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Thread: The Kathryn Spirit

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    The Kathryn Spirit

    The godforsaken idiocy off Beauharnois is finally disposed of, after nearly a decade of self-inflicted nonsense preventing its rapid dismantling.

    The Kathryn Spirit was beached there for dismantling by a local company back in 2011. They were prevented from proceeding by local protest. The length of time taken by that process allowed the ship's structural integrity to deteriorate to the extent that it couldn't be towed elsewhere for dismantling. The Canadian government finally paid the original scrapping company to do the identical job they'd initially brought the ship in to perform, on the same site. The additional six years of eyesore and the phenomenal cost to the government is entirely down to the prattish protest which caused the situation in the first place.

    I expect they'll now pay for the removal of the emergency buttressing and spill amelioration barrier, neither of which was initially required.
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    Re: The Kathryn Spirit

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    Kathryn Spirit

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