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Thread: Lobbyists 4 Good

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    Lobbyists 4 Good

    It is a constant refrain of many politicians that they are for the people, not the special interests and lobbyists in Washington.

    Truth is everybody has special interests they favor, just don't call it that.

    Seems somebody figured out on how to capitalized on that. Lobbyists 4 Good

    Why Lobbyists?
    Research shows that lobbying is the most effective way to influence legislators in D.C. But everyday citizens do not have the same access to lobbyists as large businesses and special interest groups.

    With our platform, you can level the playing field and hire lobbyists to work on behalf of the people!
    Check the site out, can't say why just looks wrong. Cheap way to feel good by sending money to a business which may or may not really do a good job at representing your interests as there is no way to quantify the results for your bucks.

    In my yoot did some political stuff, later just did community stuff. Not everybody has the time or inclination to be actively involved, I believe a letter to your representative and a donation to an actual nonprofit organization is more effective than money to a business.

    Nonprofit seeks to crowdfund lobbying
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    Re: Lobbyists 4 Good

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    I can certainly understand that lobbyist is a dirty word. This lot APPEAR to be saying good things about their intentions but I have no real frame of reference. If this is not usual it will seem odd.
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