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Whatever side of the political spectrum one belongs to, punishing a person for what they did 30 year back seems ridiculous.
I agree.

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Bringing it up and comparing who they are now is one thing, but to expect them to roll up in a ball and die for being stupid when young is probably a bad idea.

Though, that would eliminate a fairly large percentage of the population.

And of course, the Fright Wing is bringing up how the left reacted to Judge Kavanaugh's bit of drunken stupidity, but, here's the thing on that. For most, it was his tirade that many objected to. He did not seem at all sorry for his churlish behavior when young. His tantrum in front of the nation showed him up for who he is now.
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As for Mr Carlson, he is a twit of the highest order, in my opinion. If I had the time to sit and watch TV, I would not waste it on the likes of him.
I admit I have more time than I need to watch TV and like to watch Mr. Carlson to a point. To me, it is entertainment with some news value, but his slavish support of Trumps and some of his weird theories send me back to the Kinder.