I note the following report:

[...] Fredrik Wallin was responding to claims on website TMZ, reportedly from a US Embassy official, that walking into Kronoberg prison is like "walking into a toilet". The website had claimed the rapper is being held in a "disease-ridden" prison where the food is "inedible".

TMZ's report mentioned Rocky being held in a cell next to someone with "severe mental i$$ues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls fe$es every which way... fe$es that are not cleaned up".

A source reportedly told them he was being made to sleep on a yoga mat with no blanket, drink water that was not clean, and had only been given an apple to eat each day during his first five days at the prison.

Separately, A$AP Mob member A$AP Ferg claims Rocky is being held in $olitary confinement.

ASAP Rocky: Sweden prison boss defends jail conditions
In a Swedish jail? Seriously?

"TMZ", whoever he is, and Mr Ferg, might appear to an unbiased observer to be partial. And lying through their teeth. And essentially untrustworthy. What puzzles me is who they think might believe what they claim. Other than people with a dollar sign in their name, of course.

For those interested, "Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky recently made waves for signing a deal worth three million dollar$, supposedly. But folks should have been talking about the fact that he has an entire dollar sign crew, made up of folks with names like A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ty Beats, A$AP Dom, A$AP Twelvy, and A$AP Nast. There's only one word for this: $wag (from the LA Times, that bit)

I can see why the local authorities are keen to keep the man jailed for as long as possible - American rappers en masse have declared a boycott on performing in Sweden. That, where I come from, would be termed shooting oneself in the foot.

The last time I made a thread disrespecting an American entertainer, a dozen fans signed up and posted lots of complaint. Who knows, we might have an A$AP Inva$ion.

The petition, for those keen to sign, is at https://www.change.org/p/swedish-off...share_petition