Now that the legal process following Operation Midland and the investigation into Sir Edward Heath has come to its final miserable end, may we persecute a few real villains?

I'm not talking about the demented idiot who made the claims and has just been found guilty of criminal invention, fraudulent theft of public funds and presumably, one can only hope, perjury and wasting police time. I'm talking about the vindictive power-crazed senior police officers who built the juggernaut and refused to let go despite overwhelming evidence that there was no case to chase after. I'd quite like to see some form of prosecution for misconduct in public office, it's hard to think of a more blatant instance. And while we're at it can we finally ditch the use of last-minute resignation from the force as a stay-out-of-jail-free card.

The Met has trundled out the ever-ready stonewall - "it would be inappropriate for us to pre-empt the inquiry’s findings with any wider commentary on this area of policing at this time.". The head of Operation Midland "retired before the trial started". Seriously, start by confiscating pensions at least. Is there honestly no process for dealing with scandalous misjudgement on this scale?