No doubt matters will become more clear with time but at the moment, has me totally bemused.

Among other things, every US news report I've seen about this refers to the Carabinieri as "Italy’s military police" or "Paramilitary". Where does that notion originate? The Carabinieri are domestic police plain and simple.

I'm waiting now to see whether President Trump demands their immediate return like he's done with A$AP Rocky. Or perhaps they're not sufficiently high profile.

The way to make them high profile is to notice they went the the same school as 2Pac and presumably assimilated some of the most violent notions possible as a direct consequence - I refer to 2Pac's profuse rap output - and hence fall into the same category of offender as A$AP Rocky. These two left Tamalpais High last year in the bottom quartile of their academic scale (apparently three quarters of American students graduating high school have GPA "honors" which pretty much makes the term meaningless). President Trump had better get on the phone as a matter of urgency.

My bewilderment is that these Californians ended up in Europe spending 200 Euros a night at the Meridien Visconti, I can't imagine any storyline in which that might happen.