If Boris does nothing else useful in his role as Prime Minister, the reconsideration of HS2 makes him well worth the effort and worry. HS2 has been a white elephant ever since it was a one-page blue-sky suggestion twenty years ago.

The idea of upgrading a single route on the rail system from London to Scotland should have been background maintenance. Instead of that, HS2 has ballooned into a £50bn pig-trough and, given the government's overspend record on massive projects, it's quite capable of doubling for a fourth time. HS2 is a scandal, one can only hope that the go/nogo end of the year decision will be to cancel the entire charade.

HS2 has been a gravy train. It has already blown as much tax revenue as both of those piss-poor white elephant aircraft carriers - the ones with no aircraft - and it hasn't even a scrap value in razorblades. £7bn down the drain, but at least the haemorrhage might now be amputated before it drains the entire treasury.