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That's fine, that's helpful.

So we have the cow, for instance. You would agree it is alive, it can eat, sit, turn left or right. It can chase someone across a field to defend its calf. Are these functions you would attribute in humans to conscious choice? Human and cow have evolved from a common ancestor which could also do all of things.

Does this mean that most of the actions we humans take are not, in fact, conscious? That they're automatic and we have no control over them? Are they not part of our personality? [quote}

I think we do many things that we are not conscious of. For example, while driving a car, much we do, we are not conscious of doing it. We are driving and looking at the traffic , but at the same time there is much we do, but are not conscious of doing it . We subconsciously make sure we do not steer towards the curb. We turn the music on , we are wiping our face, chewing some gum, gripping the wheel while changing hands. All automatically unconsciously doing it. Playing the piano ; the artist is using both hands , using his feet, singing, looking at the audience, remembering his words in the song , breathing correctly while singing , making sure he plays the right notes. Much of this he unconsciously does.

[ quote];
Or do we need a modified view of what is conscious and what isn't, to provide something exclusive to humans. I'm happy to explore whichever path you would like to take here.

A further problem is that brain damage from a stroke at a given location can prevent a person from speaking, or understanding speech, or remembering names for example. If those are all brain functions as opposed to an aspect of spirit, what are we narrowing spirit down to? Has spirit anything at all to do with recollection, when recollection can be affected by brain damage? I take it you don't regard a nail in the head as capable of causing damage to a spirit.

Oh no , as I have said, I think the physical brain and the spirit are working together closely , our conscious thought and the brain, is like putting cool aid and sugar together, they join and exist as a pair. The consciousness feels the pain inflicted and is part of the physical damage.