We are doomed!!
our choices are
Slappy the circus clown who likes to travel the world and dress like a buffoon and juggle irrelevant global issues and is our current PM, perhaps you heard of him? Trudeau, ugh.
Next candidate
Mister invisible, he is so benign and just barely qualifies as a country leader it is sad, his platform is barely a global fix, he is however concerned about Canadian unity more than Slappy. But on the global front, zzzzzz
Canadaslam, the pro muslim, scares us to death, lethal party that in the past has ruined every province out there. Their party has never been in power at the Federal level.
Greenies, pfft, need I say more, they may as well be flat earth supporters for all their sense.
Lastly and WTF.... the Bloq, pronounced Block? All they want is special everything for Quebec (our sad little special status province)

We are doomed, and I just had to unload here.