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Thread: The Saudi Arabia oil attack of 14th September 2019

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    The Saudi Arabia oil attack of 14th September 2019

    President Trump says the Iranians did it. That Pompeo chap, who is surely due for firing by now, says the Iranians did it.

    Unnamed US officials have been speaking to the New York Times, ABC and Reuters.

    One official said there were 19 points of impact on the targets and the attacks had come from a west-north-west direction - not Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen, which lies to the south-west of the Saudi oil facilities.
    Then that's an unnamed US official with a wicked sense of humor, obviously. The first country you reach if you fly West North-West (292°) from the oil refinery is Israel, not Iran, and it's a very narrow bearing. Okay, Jordan first and then Israel - I'd not noticed the Jordan border - but even so. Definitely not Iran in that direction.

    What I'd like to know is who placed unusual trades on oil companies or oil futures in the days before Saturday. So far I can't see anyone asking. Surely whoever set this up couldn't resist a $100m gift-horse personal bonus.
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    Re: The Saudi Arabia oil attack of 14th September 2019

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    what's interesting is the banter coming from the white house about Iran ruining the economics around oil . Rehashing old arguments about America not having an entire monopoly over oil.

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