Well, he's a rapper. Stands to reason.

What do we have so far as the news dribbles out.

He lists Fight Club on his Facebook page, has a prior arrest for violence and another for a drug-related matter.

He knifed an unarmed 16 year old to death outside school on Long Island at the start of the week with fifty classmates filming on their cellphones. That's a stack of filmed record of the event by the sound of it.

And he's a rapper and he's pleading not guilty, the way they do.

I wonder what he listened to while he was growing up.

There's a pattern here, BabyTy. People who soak their heads in violent lyrics for years end up using a knife because it comes naturally to them.

Finn Elder rapped too, if I recall.

What a waste of a generation. The "film it but don't interfere" generation.