I went to a shooting gallery last week. It's my first time shooting a gun since my time in the Navy back in 1974.

It was an interesting experience. What I realized after the first shot was that shooting a firearm is different than any other similar type of hobby I've ever been involved in. There's pulling the trigger and looking for the results, period. It isn't like archery or any other sport using a projectile where I can watch the unfolding of my action to trace the results. If I throw a javelin, launch an arrow, throw a football or baseball, shoot a basketball, or shoot a hockey puck, I get to watch the action unfold to the results. Not so with shooting a gun. Even watching violent video games, the animation usually shows the path of the bullet in some way, but that's not the reality of it.

As I'm aging and searching for something to do with my time I thought I'd give this a look as a hobby.

Perhaps my perspective is only that of a newbie and there is more to the gratification of shooting guns? For those who are more experienced, I'd like your perspective or advice.