One matter that is immediately cleared is that the only way is not Essex ( apologies to outsiders who will have never encountered the mindless TOWIE ).

But is this also a False Flag incident to provide Bojo with a post election advertisement campaign highlighting the dangers of trying to enter God's Garden illegally ?

Offering a grim break from the flurry of Brexit-related news, first responders in the county of Essex made a horrifying discovery early Wednesday morning: A container truck with 39 bodies inside.

According to media reports, the bodies were found inside a truck at the Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Essex. Of the 39 people found dead, 38 were adults, while one was a teenager.
End quote

Some might find my conclusions tasteless .
But it needs the crass in order to spotlight and magnify all those other lovely things that we want to be true and be universal truths .And in fairness , I am naturally crass .