The key quote below is taken from an article in Zero Hedge today .
It is far more serious than the casual reader might think .

Can the EU now afford Brexit under any circumstances ? What new dirty tricks will be played ? Because if Germany goes , the ship goes down - many will rightly point out .

Is the Gentlemen's ( ?? ) Private Bank -- known as the Federal Reserve Bank --- introducing QE essentially to try and prop up Deutsche Bank ? If DB goes , so does Europe and the rest of the West and Asia in a domino fall scenario .

What do we now think of Merkel whom some investigators assert was picked up by Putin when he was stationed in Dresden and turned her to being a full time KGB/ FSB agent ?

What do we now think of Multiculturalism and open borders ?

Will this further smash the Globalists and so called Neoliberals ? Will it lead to even stronger growth in so called populist movements ?

Is it another nail in the coffin of the DNC in north America as south America burns from the absurd liberal / left wing policies which are devastating almost every major power save perhaps Bolivia ?

Germany Slides Into Recessionary Abyss As Employment Falls For First Time In Six Years
The latest Markit servey data released on Thursday confirmed that Germany's manufacturing recession continues to broaden. The worst fears are now being realized as loose ECB monetary policy is failing to contain the economic slowdown as it successfully transmits weakness from manufacturing into the services and jobs market.

IHS Markit's Flash Germany Manufacturing PMI remained little changed at 41.9 in October, a slight increase from September's ten-year low of 41.7, however red alerts flashed below the surface as employment in Germany's factory industry fell the most in almost 10 years.