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Thread: Well done Dina-Asher Smith!

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    Well done Dina-Asher Smith!

    Dina-Asher Smith became the first British woman to win a major global sprint title as she stormed to victory in 200m at the World Championships.

    The 23-year-old, who won silver in the 100m, was the outstanding favourite and outclassed the field to take gold in a British record of 21.88 seconds.

    "I'm lost for words. I dreamed of this and now it's real," she told BBC Sport. "I don't think it's properly sunk in."

    Brittany Brown took silver (22.22) and Swiss Mujinga Kambundji bronze (22.51).

    Asher-Smith is also the first Briton to win a world or Olympic sprint title since Linford Christie at Stuttgart 1993.

    "I woke up today thinking, 'This is it. This is the moment you did all your work for'. The tiredness disappeared," she added.
    That's something to remember. I'll look for a clip on YouTube and watch.
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    Re: Well done Dina-Asher Smith!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spot View Post
    That's something to remember. I'll look for a clip on YouTube and watch.
    Tremendous achievement even though her three main rivals were unable to compete.
    However if Shaunee Miller Uibo runs both the 400 and 200 metres next year , the Gold will almost certainly go to Shaunee in the 200 . Dina would have to find considerable further improvement , although she has age on her side . However, SMU looks to be one of the all time greats and at 186 cms is smooth as silk and cruises like a missile.

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