How are things going on in this busiest part of the For You , Me and our best friend Um ?

Are there any signs that our young and simple cousins are responding positively and getting the hang of words and all the lovely things associated with them ? Like other ones .

It seems so much fun anticipating the next letter for topic examination that I am going to see whether there are any appropriate primer Adult Education classes in my area . It would be lovely to reach entry standard and play in some of these epic contests where you actually find four letter words beginning with a pre defined letter .Could be a huge future hit on CNN or MSNBC before they shut down or are taken over by that nasty little Bezos chap .

Probably far to difficult for me . But then I found the multi-universe and wormhole theories gave me blinding headaches .

If any of you have any tips you are prepared to pass on , I have some friends ( sic) who would be delighted to learn some of your dirty little secrets .They tend to live in rest homes or security jackets . I am sure you understand --- nudge , wink .

In return , I might be prepared to tell you how to pronounce the word that is the capital of Burkina Faso . Give me a quick call and we can discuss financial terms .

Thank you for your time .
Mrs Trellis from Wrexham .

P.S. I don't want any of you younger ones telling me I that am mean spirited and a Kill Bill . Or, Jill .
Because if you do , I shall repeat my favourite four letter F word until you drop dead .