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Thread: New way to remove CO 2 from the air

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    Re: New way to remove CO 2 from the air

    OK, I’ll bite – because all you are spouting here is the petrochemical industries distortions of the truth and they are so distorting the truth that they are lying.

    Let’s go through your points one by one :-

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    How many times have I told you never to make guesses about anything ?
    Just come to Raffy ( Ra) and I will point you in the right direction .
    OK, maybe not all – let’s ignore your arrogant bull****, or, as you call it, banter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    Your so called CO2 concentration has been at the present level and higher many times in the past .No human activity then, apart from dinosaur farting as a result of diet imbalances .
    Yes, the CO2 level has been this high and higher before (but not in the past eight hundred thousand years, see chart) – it has even moved this quickly before. Where the CO2 level moves high slowly it is not a problem but each time it has moved this high this quickly it has been known as an extinction event and upwards of 90% of the then current species have died out (Including 100% of the species with an adult weight of 25kg or higher). This extinction event is what we are trying to avoid.

    Past causes of rapid hikes in CO2 level have included extreme volcanic events (not just a single super-volcano going off but many simultaneously and the so called “nuclear winter” resulting from massive meteor strikes, that is the level of effect that human activity is having.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    It has no connection with temperature , despite the crooked IPCC attempts to convince otherwise.Now conceded .

    In fact the only correlation between Temperature and CO2 levels is at a time gap of

    800 years . And correlations are not causes.
    You are going to have to provide a link to the IPCC conceding that there is no link between CO2 levels and global temperature.

    If your lag of eight hundred years holds then why have the nineteen hottest years on record occurred in the past twenty one years? By your logic they should not occur for another seven hundred and fifty years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    CO2 accounts for 0.04% of the atmosphere .

    It is accepted that only 3% of CO2 is from human activities

    What is 3% of 0.04% ?

    Answer : Effing small . Incredibly small .
    It’s the 0.04% that’s small and shows the sensitivity of the system, the 3% represents billions of tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere and even more billions of tonnes absorbed by the sink we call the oceans. Where a stable system (as or ecosystem generally is) relies on negative feedback loops for its stability then even small changes in the conditions can have catastrophic repercussions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    Latest research both from Sweden and Japan shows that there is no statistically significant link between Climate (Change ) and human activities .
    You really are going to have to provide a link to that – which of the petrochemical companies funded it I wonder :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    The CO2 saga is literally a pseudo science hoax .That you have fallen for it hook , line and stinker is no surprise .

    ( Have a break here )
    Thank you, I will but before I do consider a system where the vast majority of energy entering the system comes in the form of solar radiation and all of the energy leaving the system goes in the form of black body radiation in the infra-red or reflected radiation from the Earth itself.

    Now consider a mechanism whereby the infra-red radiation leaving the Earth can be blocked and retained – do you not consider that that would have an effect on the total energy within the system?

    If it an incontrovertible fact that CO2 and the other greenhouse gasses adsorb energy at the frequencies of the Earth’s black body radiation, that’s what defines them as greenhouse gasses.

    Also, by warming the oceans and atmosphere we are eroding the polar ice caps, these are white shiny things that reflect lots of sunlight whereas the underlying rock / sea is a lot darker and adsorbs the energy rather than reflecting it thus reducing the other mechanism whereby the Earth can loose energy.

    How then do you deny that human activities, having a significant effect on the greenhouse gas levels (and 3% is statistically significant) has an effect of global average temperature?

    Link for chart :-
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