Cloud seeding .
There's a lovely old fashioned term .

They started playing around with that in the mid forties and now have 70 + plus years of experience and development .

I think you need to forget basic silver nitrate activity ---- which works --- and concentrate on heavy metal particulates and nano technology applications .

Of course weather modification went totally underground once the weaponisation aspects became clear .

The most frightening classified developments and practises are now those that harness Direct Energy propulsion --- electro magnetic variants on basic laser and maser technologies .

That's where your Climate Control is already occurring and no doubt various future Strangelove characters will inspire great tragedies .

Don't worry about the Greta Thunder Bird buffoons . They are only there to take Sheeple money and keep us under control .

It is the Black Ops teams that will probably wreak the greatest damage and even wreck the planet .