Slide In Life Expectancy For American Men Continues Amid Spike In "Deaths Of Despair"

It seems American men are dying earlier and in far worse mental health .

Which suggests that a general Karmic Law does operate .
But being fat and drug swilling does not help .
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The National Center for Health Statistics' latest annual report dropped Wednesday morning. And like reports from the last few years, the takeaway from this year's batch of numbers is this: American men are in trouble.

Another drop in life expectancy for that demographic has brought the average life expectancy for American men to 76.1 years in 2017, the year for which the data have been finalized and released. That's compared with 76.5 in 2014, according to the data - a not-insignificant drop.

Opening words from a full report in the planet's leading news source , Zero Hedge . Published today .