Under instruction from his masters, Chairman Obama has appealed through the CIA run New York Times to Presidential Loonycrat candidates to return to the land of Reality�*.

He sees already that the 2020 campaign is all but lost as The Donald effortlessly carries all before him .

He knows the impeachment hoax is another Nothingburger and that the Blue vote will soon morph into the Boo vote unless rabid left wing zealots return to reality .

He also fears for his own safety as all roads into the swamp lead to him -- the man lifted to power by the Communists and an out and out hater of America from childhood .

I wonder how the average blue voter will react when the party becomes a trail of failed endeavour with many awaiting indictment on various treason charges ?

It looks like the US two party system has imploded on itself .
So where can the next figure be dragged from .Will it be my outsider Tulsi Gabbard . Or will the Loonycrats leave it to Hillary to provide her own self immolation and that of the ruined DNC?