This may be the bill that a lot of folks have been waiting for. In the committee the bill had bilateral support.
Currently, due to Federal regulations, many states are reticent decriminalize, or legalize Pot. Also, Banking laws create challenges where it has been legalized.

House Committee Approves Bill to End Marijuana Prohibition

"A U.S. House of Representatives committee has passed a landmark bill that would end federal marijuana prohibition, but the measure still has a long path to the president's desk.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019, better known as the MORE Act, would end federal marijuana prohibition while allowing states to regulate the plant as they see fit, as well as set up funding and programs that allow expungement for cannabis offenders and social equity within any potential federally legal pot industry.

Introduced by New York Representative Jerry Nadler, a Democrat, the MORE Act passed 24-10 out of the House Judiciary Committee, setting up a future vote on the House floor. However, Nadler's role as Judiciary Committee chairman enabled the bill's quick markup, and Republican representatives don't seem to think the bill would receive Senate approval if it passes the House. Before the vote, several brought up the States Act, a Senate bill that would leave marijuana legalization to states."