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Thread: WTC Building 7 did not collapse because of Fire . Official

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    WTC Building 7 did not collapse because of Fire . Official

    Great to have confirmation that World Trade Centre Building 7 did not collapse due to

    fire , as Conspiracy Theorists have wanted us to believe for close to two decades .

    It seems distinctly possible that with the imminent collapse of DNC representation in

    Government from next year that the true story and facts will replace the garbage official story .

    The battle for truth and the fight against the oppression of the Deep State continues

    unabated and now victory is surely just round the corner .

    The Great Leader promised us the truth about this heinous crime of treason and as

    with all of his major pre election promises intent is turning to great results .

    Beautiful results , as he might say .

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    Re: WTC Building 7 did not collapse because of Fire . Official

    The draft of said report can be found here

    Interesting and very thorough, though, they draw the conclusion that a only nearly simultaneous failure of all support columns could account for the apparent collapse.

    I believe that most of us had already arrived at that idea.
    There is very little evidence that helps to provide an explanation into what caused the failure of those columns.

    So, still a lot of work to be done before arriving and any useful overall conclusions.
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    Re: WTC Building 7 did not collapse because of Fire . Official

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    That's a very helpful link, I was pleased to see that. It just goes to show, doesn't it.

    We may well return to the subject in the new year.

    I might watch that 70 minute presentation later this afternoon.

    I wonder whether Mr Giuliani has a Presidential Pardon in his safe yet.
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