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Thread: Scandal in the Johnson administration

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    Scandal in the Johnson administration

    I see a need for a new thread, there's so much material lining up.

    Boris and his evil henchman, if we may. Days since the coup: 205

    The existence of Cummings does not excuse Boris, of course. If you ever hear Boris say "Cummings fooled me, I thought he was pure but look what happened", do not believe him - the two of them are equally guilty.


    Northern Ireland? The best Northern Ireland Secretary since Mo Mowlam, fired in the reshuffle. His crime? Refusing perpetual immunity from murder investigation and charges to British government employees, an all-embracing term covering the armed forces, the police and the shadowy secret bits. He rated a combination of re-opening Stormont and plain natural justice above partisan posturing. Well done him. He's been ignominiously returned to the back-benches as a result.

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer, no less. Fire every one of your non-civil-service political advisers or leave the job. A very good policy if only it were done throughout Westminster but no, that's not what it meant. What it meant was "and work with whoever Cummings appoints as new non-civil-service political advisers from now on, who will take their orders directly from Number 10" [1]. The Chancellor of the Exchequer refused, having a backbone and shreds of dignity to protect despite being a Conservative to start with. Well done him. He's been returned to the back-benches as a result, the contentious Treasury advisers have consequently all been sacked and the replacement cardboard Chancellor has had all his new non-civil-service political advisers appointed by Number 10 from where they will of course now take their orders.

    I had a third one but it's slipping my mind on account of extreme man-flu. Ah - wait for it... Umm... holiday in Mustique? Boris claiming a £15,000 donation to his holiday fund from some financier? And the financier saying cobblers, all I did was swap weeks on a timeshare for a different week later in the year, because I'm a pious helpful soul destined to sing praises to the Lord once I shed this mortal frame?

    So, if the chap with the timeshare apartment week didn't pay for Boris Plus One taking time out on the Island of the Super-Rich, and Boris didn't pay for it (because he's no more Super-Rich than Disraeli was), who did? Boris won't say. Boris is unapproachable on the whole subject. I do so hope it turns out to have been a friend of Rupert Murdoch.

    1: Do excuse me, I've only just seen the official description: "accept a pooled unit of advisers shared between No 10 and No 11". I do hope nobody reeds that as answering to anyone other than Number 10 though.
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    Re: Scandal in the Johnson administration

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    We are in the middle of a right wing takeover of this country. It's like living through a very bad political thriller. Now they are going to go after the judiciary for daring to rule that the prime minister cannot prorogue parliament to prevent it debating and voting on important issues.

    Meanwhile in rhe far north of the united kingdom (as opposed the the fake up north which seems to stop at newcastle) labour as well as thories become even more irrelevant.

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