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Thread: Planets Smaller Than Gas Giants Have Been Found

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    Planets Smaller Than Gas Giants Have Been Found

    American scientists say they have discovered two of the smallest planets ever detected outside our solar system - a sign, they said, that they are on the right track in the quest to find Earth-like planets that could potentially support life.

    Until the past few weeks, all of the estimated 130 planets detected in other star systems were believed to be gaseous, Jupiter-sized planets that could not sustain life as we know it. That changed with the discovery last week of a Neptune-sized planet by a European team, and with the news on Tuesday that two similar planets - estimated at 14 to 18 times the size of Earth - had been detected.

    The series of findings encouraged astronomers to believe that the techniques they are using are working.

    "We're on our way to finding our first exo-solar Earth, and that's an exciting highway to be on," Barbara McArthur of the University of Texas said at a National Aeronautics and Space Administration news conference in Washington on Tuesday.

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    Re: Planets Smaller Than Gas Giants Have Been Found

    Interesting, but I don't need discoveries like this to convince me that there might be life on other planets. Common sense and the laws of probability tell me that life is as abundant as the stars.

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    Re: Planets Smaller Than Gas Giants Have Been Found

    You don't, I don't, a lot of people don't. But then again a lot of people do.

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    Very interesting. A brave new world. And to boldly go where no one has gone before,is even better.

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