I have a 6 disc cd changer in the trunk.
At 1st when I clutched the cd would blank out then come back on when I let off the clutch.
Now the deck is not recognizing the cd changer. The cd changer has power when I eject the magazine it comes out and when I reinsert it it cycles.
The deck says no cd changer though. Ive checked the connection at the changer and its good.
Ive checked the connections at the deck and they seem ok but Im going to go over that again.
The fact that it was blanking out indicates a short.
I can buy a new changer but could it be just that aspect of the deck thats failed ?
The deck amp and speakers are factory compatible so if I change the deck I have to buy a new amp as well.
I dont want to waste my money.
The feed from the deck to the changer is buried under floor guards and seats etc plus the wiring is insulated so chafing seems unlikely.

Any directional advise out there.
I miss my tunes !