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Thread: Devil's Rejects

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    Devil's Rejects

    Has anyone seen this?

    It's the new contribution from Rob Zombie, I went to see it last night with a mate who is into gore... that should have rung alarm bells really. Leatherface eat your heart out

    Didn't think there was much point to it though... did I miss something or was there meant to be no real plot? It did cross my mind that there was supposed to be some irony with the policeman dude ending up torturing the family... but I could've just been reading too much into it. *sigh*

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    Re: Devil's Rejects

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    Well, we saw Rob Zombie last week at Ozzfest where he plugged his movie but good. There were clips of it on the big screen behind him and I didn't see much of value in the parts I saw, either. I like Rob Zombie, really I do, he was great live, and VERY funny, but I think he needs to stick to music and leave film-making to the real talent. And that's without me even having seen the film!
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