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spot has reported a post.

Reason:This is a heads-up. There's this borderline gardener I've given the benefit of the doubt to, despite the external link in his first post.

Checking his IP address shows one spam report,

8-Jun-17 22:02 MoraBernay

I note that his username here is the same style, his registered email address here is also yahoo, I don't think that combination is coincidence.
Post: Needing help! 1st time composting

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Posted by: GarBen

Original Content: Hello Forum Garden thanks for the add.

In the past 2 months, I have decided to cut my work schedule down and start having a little more time to myself. With this free time I have been a little bored I can't lie but I have also decided to start my own little organic vegetable patch in my back yard and how better to start than your own compost heap? apart from I have no idea what I'm doing.

So, what should I use to create this compost heap? I know that dead leaves and vegetable waste is fine but how much do you use? What else can you use? I have a plot of and 1m by 1m square to heap the compost, in the area I said above roughly how long will it take to get actual compost? and then pretty much anything else you guys can share with me.


Example image of what I have being built for my compost

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