gas leak

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gas leak

Post by avril »

i just recently had a gas leak in my home due to a damaged old gas valve on a gas fireplace. had the gas valve repaired today. is it true that the gas valve is to remain open? i had closed it each time after use, i thought that thats what i was supposed to do, but now, im being told to leave it open and to shut it off only when it wont be in use for an extended period of time, and for some reason that scares me....
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Peter Lake
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gas leak

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It really makes no difference as both options are quite safe. You can safely leave the valve open all the time and just use the fire control for on and off but i would advise that either way, you have a check once a year.
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gas leak

Post by Scrat »

Pete's correct just don't try to do any repairs yourself UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!

Police chief: natural gas leak caused Murphysboro explosion - KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff
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gas leak

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I dont know what the regulations are elsewhere but here in the UK it is illegal to work and service gas appliances unless you are appropriately qualified, ie, what used to be called Corgi registered but now referred to as the Gas Safe Register.

Ever since there was a huge gas explosion in a large tower block in the 80's
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