Had any drycleaning done lately?

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Had any drycleaning done lately?

Post by valerie »

Yikes! I just had my comforter and two shams

done and it was $35! Comforter is way too large

even for a commercial washer (plus I don't want

to hang around a laundromat or scrounge enough

quarters to do it!) and wouldn't have the same finish

as dry cleaning does. It looks great, so that's something

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Had any drycleaning done lately?

Post by Snooz »

I don't remember ever using a dry cleaning service. I worked with a woman that only had her clothes cleaned from a dry cleaners and I didn't really see why, they just looked like medium quality pant suits. They probably would have gone through the washer and she would have saved a lot of money... but I think she liked telling everyone that she only used a dry cleaner. La de da.

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