Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by samoya »

Hey all,

I'm new to this forum, but I thought I'd go ahead and pitch my site How to Get Rid of Things: a people's guide to better living. I figured the most relevant topics on my site for this particular section of the forum would be Pest Control and Home Care. Right now there's only one page dealing with Home Care:

How to get rid of a mattress stain: ... stains.htm

but I suppose How to get rid of used computers ( might also be relevant.

As for Pest Control (, here are some of the issues we've dealt with so far:

Getting rid of ants, spiders, boxelder bugs, chiggers, cockroaches, crickets, dust mites, fleas, fruit flies, house flies, lice, mice, mosquitoes, raccoons, rats, roaches, and wasps.

If you get some time, please visit the site and let us know what you think. We're looking for feedback to help us design better pages. Right now our goal is to help you get rid of things (pests, home care problems, hygiene problems, health problems, and miscellaneous problems) with only 5 simple steps. This beats all that crap you read on sites like eHow, where credibility and endless lists of things you might do to solve your problems actually become problems themselves.

Anyway. Have a nice day. We hope to hear from some of you.

- Jonathan Hatch
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by Kathy »

Great site! I have a six year old who about once every three months wets the bed, so I found your site helpful. I'll have to bookmark it! I also have a two year old, so we have lots of messes. I have found that Spot Shot will take away just about any stain we've had to deal with, except yogurt on berber carpeting and then we are pretty much screwed! I'll have to look at your site for a solution to that one.

Thanks for sharing and welcome aboard!
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by ubetta »

The site looks very're doing a good job. Good luck with it.
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by BTS »

Welcome Jonathan.......

Saw your site and wanted to add a way to remove the smell and stain from a mattress. My mom used corn starch while it was still wet and rubbed it in........ no stain and the smell was gone too.

Just thought you might like to add...
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by John955 »

Hey Samoya, thanks for the posts. I am suffering bed bug problem and i am really in worry about it. I dont know where they come from. I am seeing them from previous some days. They are mostly on the bed, blanket when we are sleeping and also on floor. Please help me on this. I want to solve it immediately.
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by LarsMac »

You want an immediate answer from someone who posted nearly eight years ago?
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Pest Control and Home Care Solutions

Post by valerie »

Hmmm, more like a little over 7 years there, Lars. Maybe less snark with the newbies, eh?

John 955, if you'll look in the green bar at the top of every post, to the left you'll see a

date/time stamp that will tell you if the thread is more current.

Can't help with the bedbug problem, they can be buggers to get rid of. No pest control

companies near you to help?
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