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I put my hands up straight away - I'm a registered member of this new community/members' website and when you see it you'll understand why I'm trying to tell the world about it!!!

Infact, a friend told me about it, apparently they've been going for about 6 months. I bought my satnav through them and I only paid £75.00!

Their motto says it all really “THERE’S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS” - a simple business concept which operates on the principal of economy of scale, with a real-time merchant tool that shows the orders as they come in, so you know exactly where the members are in relation to hitting the target.

I recommend this site also because it's simple to navigate. Delivery is approximately 2 weeks after cut-off period.

Although you can get a quick delivery (7 days ) with your orders at comparable prices, however the idea of this website is to buy as a group directly from the manufacturers, to massively drives costs down.

The site is still very new and needs to grow its membership to become the new ebay or google. I think they will do it in one year. Visit the website BIGVOLUMETRADERS.COM for yourself and see why.

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